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How To Make A Paperclip Float With Magnets

Magic Floating Paperclip Step 1: Project Inspiration: Messing Around With Magnets. We were surprised that one of the shop magnets we use for... Step 2: Design the Model in CAD. This was a quick weekend project. We experimented with creating a.

  • First, find either the North or South pole of the magnet and attach it to a metal bracket. Next, hold a paper clip, tied to a thread, near the magnet so that the magnet will suspend the clip. See how far away from the magnet you can pull.

  • Mar 10, 2021FAQ’S 1) Take 5-6 inch long thread and tie it to one end of the paper clip 2) Now glue the other free end of the thread to the immobile object in the home like tables, desks, etc. Whatever you... 3) Place a magnet just above.

  • Feb 14, 2011Watch the floating paperclip, hovering under a magnet!!


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