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Heal Your Body

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

It’s time to finally let go. I'mFluentual Wombman offers treatments in majestic settings, giving you the opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to attend to your wellness needs in a personal and attentive way. Your relaxation is in good hands.


What is a Yoni Steam?

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice where herbs are added to hot water. Sitting over the hot water allows the steam to rise up into the vaginal canal. The oils that the herbs release are medicinal to the womb and provide healing for many ailments as well as supporting a healthy menstrual cycle.

spa stones


  • Pulls toxins out of body

  • Alleviates abdominal pain and pressure

  • Relieves menstrual cramps

  • Regenerates damaged tissues

  • Tightens the vagina

  • Aids in healing hemorrhoids

  • Helps alleviate vaginal odor

  • Helps womb absorb herbal medicines into the bloodstream

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle

  • Relieves heavy menstration

  • Balances hormone levels

  • Aids the body in riding itself of bacteria, viruses, and fungi

  • Stimulates growth of white blood cells and antibodies

  • Strengthens the uterus

  • Rids the womb of excess waste which contributes to cysts, fibroids, cancers, and tumors

  • Relieves menopausal symptoms

  • Facilitates emotional purging

  • Helps align chakras

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Releases stagnant energy and stimulates creativity

  • Supports lymphatic health

  • Assist with fluid retention

  • Stimulates healthy sexual energy

  • Helps women conceive

  • Speeds up recovery after birth


Testimonials & Reviews


Great experience! Relaxing attentive staff and I felt rejuvenated.

Nyala Bulock